It has just happend to me to find a blog with the same name as mine…follow the signs.. The person who’s writing it believes in coincidences and says that if someone found him, they were meant to connect. It may be..

Do I believe in conincidences? Is it a coincidence that my contact organization’s quarter in Arusha is in a road named to Halie Selassie, the popular and controversial Ethiopian emperor, worshipped as a God, one of the ambiguities attracting me to that country?

Is it a coincidence that, on a bookshop invoice on my desk, the company name is indicated as Lalibela, the name of the wonderful christian site in north Ethiopia which I saw in a documentary about Hugo Pratt and made me wish of going to Ethiopia. what’s that, given that the invoice was for a book about Hugo Pratt life…?

Maybe coincidences are just miming the neural connections of our brain. Before the age of portable phones, that was when I was young,  I could remember all telephone numbers of friends or not, because I could see a clear logic in the number series, and connections between numbers..Maybe I see coincidences like I used to find connections between numbers.

are we people connected? are we connected to places or other living beings?


2 responses to “Coincidences

  • Yle

    I used to believe in signs and see signs and connections everywhere…..I now think that it is just a matter of paying a lot of attentions to details and you will always find some kind of connection to something else…..I guess this is the scientific part of me speaking 🙂
    But I do believe that there is some sense of belonging to people and places…..if this means that we are connected, I don’t know, but in some places I just feel in peace and at home, since the beginning, even if I have never been there before.

    Enjoy this new fantastic adventure!

  • Stefania

    Stefania, March 14th 2012, 23:37 I believed in coincidences… now I have doubts but I hope to be wrong because I need to believe in them, I need to believe that there is a reason why things happen, why some people attract you while others are totally invisible… it is strange because at the same time I need to think that I am leading my life, that nothing is written but I can change what I do not like, leave it behind me and move forward to what makes me really happy… where is the truth?

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