From Rosa to Kilimanjaro

First sunrise in Mkuru! I walk a little bit till the end of the tent path and I greet the sun coming on Kilimanjaro. The camp manager, Deon, a real southafrican-everything-fixing man, leave for Arusha

I decide to go exploring the surrounding area, instead.

Here’s some pictures.

There are almost always clouds on M.Meru crater top.

This is where I live

Some animals met on morning walking..

Next time, I will bring my 300mm lens. Ok, I know, never, postpone, but I’m going to be here for a while, there will be one more chance at least!!


2 responses to “From Rosa to Kilimanjaro

  • Yle

    wow!!! it is wonderful!!! I envy you (in a good way)…I wish I could go for a walk in such a natural environment too!

    Keep posting, so that I can know how you are doing, but also dream about wonderful places in the world!


  • Roberto Zaffi

    Hi Claudia, a few days in Africa and one of the shyest mammals (Dik dik) in your picture, a very good start, I don’t know the job but the place promising. Make practice with the new lens and it will give you great satisfaction.
    I’ll look every day on your blog for news, rember you are not alone, we are all rooting for you.
    Un bacio e un abbraccio, Roby

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