The second chance

After some days in town delighted by superb food, amazing carved wood exhibition and good internet connection, I’m back in Mkuru!! I was longing to be in the bush again, so one morning I woke up at 6 for an early walk and this time I took my 300mm lens.. First I climbed up the hill behind my tent to shot sunrise on Kilimanjaro. First lesson: Kili is too big for the 300mm lens!!!

But actually my real goal was the dam: an artificial land barrier creating a small pond, one of the Oikos initiative for improving the environmental conditions in an area which is facing drought and overgrazing problems. The pond is indeed very important for wildlife!and it’s a very beeatiful spot, attracting animals of course.

In fact, as soon as i approached it I met a dik-dik, which is deemed a very shy animal. And it is, in fact when I saw it among bushes a hundred meters far it was already looking at me and ready to flee. I took a photo an then as I moved down the arm it fled quickly away. At least I hd a good tele!!

I went on and I saw something moving on the ground.. here we are again, my monkey friends!! they were moving to go closer to the thick vegetation around the pond, and as usual one was staying still as sentinel while the other were crossing the open area. I tried to approach them to take pictures from closer while they were going on appearing and disappearing behind the trees. Then I stopped at a tree, ..while I was going on shooting I realised that something was going on nearby. A monkey was approaching, A young judging from its size. It was very funny and curious, an so cute!!
They were not afraid of me as I was standing still. They started screaming to each other only when three dogs passed by, not to far, all three in a row, tail up, they look like wild wolves in a hunting party.

Suddenly the young was very close!!


And finally, dik dik again!!

I think a will start a new photo gallery for animals..



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