The importance of being ..COLOUR!

Once I was in Istanbul and looking at the people dressed with the winter western style I thought that globalization and spreading of western standard were killing colours, because in our developped world it is typical and more elegant to dress in black, brown, grey with various nuances during winter.

Colours are beautiful!! and even in the most poor people the colours are not forget. The typical colours of local people, particularly Maasai (, are red and blue..they are so colourful in the monochrome dry and dust bush…

When I was in Emmanuel school on Friday (see the Education page under Mkuru projects) I was hit by the overall greyishness: grey the floor, the ceiling and the walls of the classes, grey the dust continuously lift by children moving and running and play, grey the uniforms which were provided to the students (which are usually moe colourful)..

In this context the colours of the trainers Tshirts, the pencil given to the students for coloring drawings were producing an interesting effect, both in the photos and in my mind..

I thought: let’s colour the schools!!!!!! let’s colour their life!!!!!!!


One response to “The importance of being ..COLOUR!

  • Claudia

    So let’s colour our life as well by nurturing our mind and opening our eyes! Thanks Claudia to help me in doing that, sharing the thinking your african stay is making arise! Big hugs 🙂

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