What is Africa? Is the profiles of the mountains? The sunrise on Kilimanjaro? Is it the call and songs of Maasai? Is it circumcision?

Is it the dikdiks and blue monkeys and zebras and giraffes and hyenas?

Is it the dust? The poverty? The lack of, the difference in?

Is it the crime, the object stolen, the people almost chopped in pieces at their place by burglairs, the women beaten by their husband? The garbage burnt, the dirty roads?

Is it the nice lodges surrounded by guardians where white people eat and have fun and the black are serving? Is it the black man with the white woman and their baby in the arms?

Is it charcoal, diamonds, oil, minerals, wood, gold, water?

And what are we doing here? Are we here for exploiting natural resources, for making business in the new frontier land? Are we here for washing the sins of our fathers?

Or for showing the pride of our superior civility? Are we here for teaching, helping, bringing? For making this world as the one from where we are escaping?

It’s not easy to give an answer to all this questions, sometimes it’s really difficult to think about that.

I think Africa is tremendously fantastic.

I think I’m here for myself. For opening my eyes. But also for defending the world and the life I like. I’m planting seeds here and there, Africa and Europe. Seeds of a protection hedge.

I think I’m here for a challenge: giving all of us a chance of change.


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