Illusions are sometimes part of someone’s youth only. Then, when you become adult the disappointment starts to take over. The world you wanted to change cannot be changed, the life you wished to have cannot be lived, the dreams you had cannot be fulfilled. And your eyes just switch off, your smile becomes ironic. You start drinking too many beers ..;)

I’ve always loved people able to keep on creating illusions and dreams. I am one of them. I experienced disappointment many times, nonetheless I cannot live without illusions, and passions, and dreams. I’m a stupid romantic woman in the end!!

I like those people who can look at the world as they were children throughout their life. Who can get excited any time they discover or experience something new. Who can feel emotions in front of almost obvious events..

Like watching sun rising from Kilimanjaro..

or a meeting with a Twiga…

or mirroring in a blue monkey’s eyes

or just looking at mountain profiles


2 responses to “Illusions

  • Steu

    What remains when illusions fade apart?
    Illusions on what you think is the world.. illusions on what you think are people… illusions on what you think is life…

    What is left… it’s just you…

  • carlita @ ispra

    we are the best! 🙂

    putting passions and illusion and dreaming into your life that’s what makes it worthy. that’s what brings colours and smiles into a grey world..or else we’d all become just sad walking beings.

    let’s dream allways!!

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