The first week I was here I wrote about ants and rain season starting..actually it just rained one night and then, besides some occasional drops and thunders, NO RAIN at all. I know that when they are talking about rainy season here it’s not the same as in Ispra: weeks of “cats & dos” rain.. Here you have sudden, quick and heavy thunderstorms and showers. Probably there were on MMeru slopes, but not in the north slope Maasai bushland.

The water level at the dam has decreased since I’m here.. I was told this could be one fo those seasons when there is little rain.

A few years ago rain season was actually really dry and Maasai lost a lot of cows and goats. Maasai pastoral system is facing a transition time, people gave up the nomadic life and started to settle down, but this also means they have to cope with water scarcity and overgrazing, soil erosion..

Oikos is working for teaching people (teachers, community members) how to dig a water well where some water could be stored for the dry seasons, with a very cheap and easy system called hafir. Hopefully this with help avoiding the bushland become a desert..


2 responses to “Drought

  • carlita @ ispra

    lot’s of work to be done..and you’re there to help!
    let’s hope for teh rain 🙂

  • Claudia

    For your Information: rainy season has just started here in Ispra! A lot of grey and cloudy days are expected…let’s hope that rain will come also there!

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