Up to two weeks ago, I had always had a bottom up vision of the mountains near Mkuru.

Finally I changed it!! I climbed up the peaks behind Mkuru..not the great M.Meru, but the vulcanic cone every day watching me, the Sambo, and its closest brother.

I left very early, to avoid meeting people. I was suggested not to go alone too far.. I understand people here are surprised to see a women going around alone, in green trousers and shirt, with binocular and backpack.. There’s not to be seriously worried, just a bit aware that we have different culture, and if I may appear sometimes strange in Italy, here it is for sure. Also, Wazungo women have bad reputation.. so I was up before the Maasai could say hello to the sun!

It was great an I really needed it!!

Up there I realised how different the landscape was on Mmeru slopes compared to Mkuru. how much green and suitable for farming!! there it rained more often..while the Sambo cone and the bushland extending northward was brownish and yellowish.

I didn’t meet wild dogs as it happened to a friend of mine two year ago, but I met Augur buzzard, white-naped raven and grey kestrel!!

and also terrible Maasai shepards, in the end..;)

To rain or not to rain..

The same day at night it finally started to rain..the real rain which kept on for some days..


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