A new stamp on the passport……..

I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the work permit…so now I can start talking about my work here!

I’m working as kind of Training coordinator of the Mkuru Training Centre. The centre is located in the Maasai village of Mkuru, and it’s an eco-camp, created to host both the staff of Oikos and trainees from the local communities in the frame of sustainable development and environmental conservation projects. My goal would be to launch the MTC as a training facility open to the world wide community!! the centre can be many things: a meeting point between different cultures and different points of view, from the scientific one to the practical one; a place where is possible to experience the essential life into the bush; a place where learn and share knowledge. We would like to use the huge knowledge and experiece that Oikos has accumulated in many years of projects in Tanzania, since 1996!!, starting from a place that is itself a demostration site for sustainability, and that is also connected with different local experiences of sustainable development. And we would also like to open the floor to other experiences, so to offer our facilities and intermediary support with the local community to other organizations  So, my contribute will be on the strategy implementation, including creation of training programs and contents, creation of the website text and pictures, marketing and networking… in reverse order for the time being

it’s really a challenge, and in 2 months I’ve just started to understand a little bit  of this reality and now more than ever I’m sure that the only thing I know is ..that I do not know.. I will never end learning the lesson here..


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