3, 2, 1….LET’S START! (almost..)

After 2 supercrazy weeks of work and meetings, and rushing for organising an Open Day in Mkuru, (I was also able to lost the phone with all my contacts in the meanwhile!!!) here we are!!!

We launched the Mkuru Training Camp, under the Mkuru Trust Training Centre.

It was not the official opening, because actually we still have to do some works for renewing the camp and developing programs, but we finally started to say to the people “hey, we are here and we are ready to offer you an amazing experience!!”.

Now, I should clarify WHO “we” and the “people” are..

I’ve already posted some info about Mkuru camp..but summarising MTC is an amazing and sustainable camp in the savannah where people can know about environment management and sustainable development.

And when I say “know” I mean the all range of knowledge from formal trainings to living experiences to the simplest choice of being at the camp for any other reasons, and use solar energy for electricity and heat, rainfall water, improved stones and so on.

That said, the people we are targeting are various, from students, to researchers, to businessman, to eco-tourists, to volunteers… and we are looking both at the international and local community..

a melting pot?

Kind of, but with a clear vision and mission! And also clear programs to develop. Our vision and mission is something like “improving skills for a sustainable future”, then, as we are trying to reach economic independency, we will propose different programs, provided that they are ethical and in line with the vision.

A great challenge, but there is so much experience and expertise in and out MTC, thanks to its link with Oikos, that when I hear people going on saying we should transform MTC in a camp for backpackers,..well.. I get crazy!!!! I mean, I’m open to the idea of hosting everybody, so welcome to the backpackers!!! but not just that… it would be such a waste!! all the people I invited yesterday recognised the potential for education of MTC! And we did not explain even 1/3 of what we could educate about!! And another very important added value is the link with the local community and the contributes the camp should go on providing to it.

The Open Day was a very important step for us, a kind of general reharsal before the real performance of an official opening which will take place maybe in August. But meanwhile there are already things we can do, and a lot, a lot of preparation work!!

Lakini kwanza… I need a break!!!!!!!!!!!!



2 responses to “3, 2, 1….LET’S START! (almost..)

  • claudia

    Well done, Claudia! You arrived there just 2 months ago and the result you reached is a really meaningful step in your work there! Don’t worry, I’m sure you will not allow that it will be transformed in a “just” backpacker camp! A big hug.

  • Yle

    hey this is a cool step forward!!! keep going on like this!
    btw…the picture of this beautiful island….are you planning to spend some relaxing time there any time soon? it doesn’t look too bad…I imagine that underwater should be quite interesting…


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