A great lesson

When I came in Tanzania I thought I would have to learn many things, before teaching something. And yesterday I was given a great lesson, by a very wise person. He is a Maasai, and he is the camp assistant at the camp. But he should be the boss. He did something we were not able to do, he found the right words to say in a situation that had degenerated, the words that we wazungo were not able to find and we do not thought about at the right moment. Maybe it was anyway too late. But even though all this could end soon, I think I’ve already been given the best reason to be here, and the best reason to struggle for doing something good, for follow an ispiration.

But most of all I was tought about FORGIVENESS.

I think I am not needed here any longer, there is nothing better that I can do for these people than let them be what they are.


One response to “A great lesson

  • Yle

    Whatever it will happen, I am sure that you gave your contribution to it and I am sure that this experience has also been beneficial to you! Hug!

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