better late than ever..

.. I decided to go and visit the Arusha National Park!!

it’s wonderful!! no matter you cannot touch the lion with your lens, or you can go only on predesigned safe paths (what is bad in being safe???), I like it a lot. I arrived at the gate and it was raining, while in Mkuru, 8 km far, there was dry sun!! but I said, well it’s raining, I don’t have any jacket or sweater, but it’s still 25 degrees, so what’s the problem?? I took a risk and I was happy when after 5 minutes walking the sun started to appear among clouds. you have to take risks in life..

first we passed by the buffalo herds; buffalo are used to people, but it was more exciting than from a car,

then we walked up to baby Meru, and then down to waterfalls and than to the big Fig Tree!!

and then down to the Momella lakes, spotting so many animals before getting to the pink spot of flamingoes in the lake!!

and more pictures will come on may official photogallery!!!


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