Berenice bobbed hair

I read this short novel fromScott Fitzedgerald about a young girl, Berenice, who visits her cousin for some week, and there she discoveres that she’s very bad in social life. The very popular cousin points out that she cannot speak the language, the jokes of the other teenagers, and because she’s never cool, nobody wants to be with her. Also she doesn’t know how to dress her body and her hair to look more appealing, and how to play the game with boys, in order to have them at her feet for nothing, you know this way of behaving as an unreachable star…. I felt that was me, Berenice, not the star. Not very beutiful and fit girl (I felt like this but I guess some boys liked round parts in my body), fond of reading, moves, willing to save the world already when 13.., not able to be at all parties, shy..  you know, apart, an alien who could catch up only with a few people, although I was struggling to be part of the group. Then Berenice decides to go ahead with her cousin suggestions, and it works!! and what makes her really cool is her going around and saying she’s gonna bob her hair! isn’t it funny??? doesnìt this make you the most interesting girl in the wolrd? And then the cousin becomes jelous and worried she’s loosing the first row on the stage, so she plays a subtle trick and poor Berenice finds herself at the hairdresser, push to prove her brave..

Well, I struggled for a while to follow the strange teen social rules, but before bobbing my hair I undertsood that I liked to be on another side! on my side, following my soul… well, that’s how I became strange, one of the strangest person someone ever met.. things like that I was told so many times!  but I also found many othe people strange as me or even much more! always climbing up the steepest slope, always against the stream..

Did I ever have fun? yes of course, looking at things differently doesn’t mean you don’t have fun, maybe it’s just you have it differently than most of the people, or maybe not, just differently than what tv shows.. And I don’t feel strange, or better I like it ..

Sometimes I wonder how it could I turned out like that.. why am I like this? (this is a very dangerous question to ask yourself, I know, and I know I should think less about it..but I can’t help) and the only answer I got is..

because I never ate nutella and never drink coke when I was a child!! so that’s all of it!! what a strange!!   I’m just not poisoned by the secret ingredient E…  ah!ah!ah!

By the way, in the end Berenice sticks to herself and just leaves her nice  cousin, but before taking off gives her a very nice hair cutting!!


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