Life Cycling

Yesterday I met a guy who arrived in Arusha from South Africa by bicyle. Some years ago he realised he wanted to stop his wearing life, workiing 16h per day, travelling all the time and leading other people..and he was only 30, already tired of life.. so he quit, he sold everything and started to ride a bicycle. After 3 years, now he says he feels worn by the bicycle life.. I miss something..he’s not the first person I meet in Tanzania who decided to change his life and then just forgot to remove from the luggage his life style..and everything is the same, no matter you are in a big town or into the’s your shade, cannot get rid of that. but you can ignore it.

But who am I for judging other people?? 😉

nobody at all, just I do not understand the need to show something, to do something for another reason than for doing what you are doing..just cycling, just living..



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