Cultures of resistance

Last night I went to watch a documentary in Arusha (wow! what an improvement in my social life!! 😉 ), of the project Cutures of resistance,

which is not only a way to talk about resistence movements going on nowadays, but a doc on how art and creativity can actually be part of the change.

It shows the work of different artist all over the world, the photographer Andre Cypriano, the cartoonists Thembo Cash and many others you can find on the web site.

I liked it and also the following debate, we were few people of many different origins and that was great. I think films like this should be played in schools, more than in restricted circles.. but it’s fine..

I like art, I like the many ways human beings try to express themsleves, using colours, light, music and any material.. I deeply like that and I like the idea that anybody can be an artisti, no matter how big your fanclub is

we often associate the idea of resistance with being stronger and hardened and focused and finally worn….. let’s make it an irresistable overwhelming flow of gorgeous colorful and musical creativity!!!


One response to “Cultures of resistance

  • Iara Lee


    I am writing on behalf of filmmaker Iara Lee. Thank you for the film review!

    We would like to contact you via email but were unable to locate the address on your blog.

    Please email us at: with your contact information.

    Kind regards,

    Susi Collins
    Assistant to Iara Lee

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