The other side of the world

in your mind it’s summer, but everybody is saying “ni baridi, baridi sana”’s cold, very cold…and they are wearing sweaters and jackets and scarfs..and you have to put a duvet on your bed at night, it is cold, really

but from now on the days are getting longer and you can feel it, just a little bit kila siku

and at night you look for the polar star, and there isn’t..there is instead a kind of kite, the south cross indicating the south

at this latitude you would expect so much sun and then so much good food, and instead it is not ripe and full of pesticide. You have to go to special places just to have good food

people should be friendly, while instead the white people are just considered for the colour of their skin, always as an opportunity to exploit either legally or not

you cannot have friends among locals, cannot trust them because they just look at your money and the culture is so different

as a white you have to protect your house with garden with a guardian and security, you cannot walk, you have to use the car,

you are a target

in your mind is summer but it’s very cold, there is snow and nature is sleeping, everybody is wearing warm clothes  you could not even think about, and could not buy

the day’s is so short and it’s dark when you leave in the morning as well as when you are back, no light is coming into the room

at this latitude you would expect  food shoul be good and healthy, but prices are so high that you can afford only junk food

you are always cosidered for the colour of your skin, people see you only as a black, you are never given opportunities, you are never trust

everybody owns a car, but you cannot afford even a bicycle therefore you have to walk, no matter how long and how cold

at nigh people shut the doors and windows and you remain out, no where to go,

  you are nobody


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