the paradox of conservation

Last sunday I went to Tarangire, the Elephant park!! it’s very nice and I enjoyed a lot to ride my Suzuki up and down there!! I’m the best women driver of Tanzania..;)

I was with two italian friends, and we went on a daily trip. this is the best moment because it’s very dry and many animals migrate near the river. We saw so many elephants!!

and it’s so easy to get there that I did not even take too much picture, ‘caue I’m sure I will go back!! i wanted to enjoy sighting!!

Elephants were once distributed all over Africa, while now their optimsitic known range has shrunk dramatically due to habitat loss. Nonetheless the population is increasing after protection, and this poses another problem: how can you fit 5 elephants in a Fiat 500?

For the lions is the same. The lion formerly ranged from northern Africa through southwest Asia (where it disappeared from most countries within the last 150 years), west into Europe, where it apparently became extinct almost 2,000 years ago, and east into India. Nowadays its areal is confined to subsaharian Africa.

Looking at these maps it’s interesting notice that SouthAfrica gets 10 milion tourists per year, while Tanzania is struggling to reach 1.

I wen to listen to a talk on the Ngorongoro lions, some weeks ago. These lions are very well known and identified by their whiskers pattern. There are 5 brides in the 250 kmq of the crater! and they are all relatives..

Despite the Ngorongoro Conservation Area was establshed in 1959, they allow now a conservation project to understand and mitigate causes of Ngorongoro crater lion isolation from the rest of NCA and Serengeti population. One of the problem is that Maasai living in NCAA are killing lions for defending livestock (and also to prove their value but this happen only every 7 years).. but this is a conservation area for te Maasai as well!! they are going to be extinct in the modern age, no way to stop it, depite their resistance. they will survive only  in special areas..(reserves)

So the conservation area needs a conservation project, to mitigate the conflict on who is gonna be extincted erlier, either the lions or the Maasai??

back from the park we all take a long shower, laundry our clothes, maybe wash the car, check email, make phone calls, perhaps we take the car and go out for a dinner in the crowded, bright and noisy downtown…

Maasai and lions and elephant are still there leading their battle in the dark night.


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