About blogging..

following Rodrigo’s comment…
I’m writing this blog ’cause I’d like to share my experiences with my friends, but also because I’m ambitiuos and I’d like be ispirational and to transmit something, to blow the wind of change in people’ minds… so I hope my friends could also be messangers on behalf of me, and don’t be shy to share this stories with others.. sometimes things are too far for thinking about them, but the good things of globalization is that stories can now go farther than ever.. life is diverse and beautiful and crazy and owful at the same time.. small thoughts of small people can just open small breaks.. kidogo kidogo, pole pole, better than nothing..
we are all together on a journey, of which we are only sure about the end.. the rest, everything is in the middle, is just pure invention.. let’s our imagination go free!!!!


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