Mother nature I

The female dog at our camp delivered 3 puppies at the beginning of June. Some weeks later I went to see them, and two of them were very vital and curious while the third one hid itself in their bush den.The mother came and started to leak the bellies and grom the fur of the two while the third was left behind. I put it near the mother, but I saw that after trying to clean it and leak it, as it was not collaborative, it was left. Then the mother was ready to feed the puppies and finally also the third one found a tit. I thought that this one was doomed to be the one neglected, and let’s say sacrified for the sake of the others. After a while I saw the two puppies starting to get ot of the bush and explore the world, while the other wa still hiding there. Then on sunday morning it was quite cold and I went and check and I found the puppies gathered in a fur ball, but when they sa me the two ones moved away, while the third one which they were using as bed, did not move. It was dead.

I had to take it and bring it away, I found a hole digged by animals and I buried it there.

Later I went with a friend of mine to see the dam pond. Half of it is dry, and rain is supposed to fall again in October. There was still life there, a sacred Ibis looing for food, and many swallows flying over the water surface to catch insects. One was to brave, or did a mistake, and landed in the mud. It tried to take off again, but it could only glide onver the mud and become more stuck and week. Finally it stopped moving.


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