Mother Nature II – Miracles

A week later, I went to the dam again.

The water was almost totally gone. Cows were there still trying to take advantage of the last few drops. I thought that the next rain eason would only come at the end of october, and it would be the short one. That means even less rain than in April. I was scared thinking how nature would survive.

Then I saw  a group of goats under the trees.

They were three females with their newborns of different ages.

So cute.. Life again!!

The morning after the clouds from M.Meru finally released tiny and slow rain on Mkuru for some hours, bringing hope…

Mvua inanyesha…



One response to “Mother Nature II – Miracles

  • carlita @ ispra

    and we cannot live without hope!
    hope, good energy, smile, that’s the things that make us keep going! 🙂
    miis u lupa

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