I went to Dar, to see another piece of this country.

After a crazy ride on the dalla-dalla I reached Bagamojo. It was hot in the minibus and I needed fresh air: I went straight to the seashore. Ah, nice! the wind from the Ocean, the boats waiting for the tide lifting them up.. there were plenty of people on the beach waiting for the fish, they organised themselves in a circle and then the sale started.

Nobody was caring about me, I was invisible and I did not use the camera ’cause I was scared I would break the spell..

so I started to make a sketch of that on my notebook, and then one guy approached me and talked me about the School of Art in Bagamojo. I went to watch his paintings, and those from his teacher. For the first time I found something different from the thousand times copied tinga-tinga. there was especially one, “why my beauty?”, about elephants being killed beacuse of what makes them beautiful, their tasks.. I liked this, I liked those people, I liked Bagamojo..

I liked to have the feeling of experiencing real life here!


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