I am what..

I do.

This is what I’ve always thought about myself. Going back to my Italian life, first on Lago Maggiore, then at my place in Toscana, I had a look at my life in the shape of BOXES.. boxes containing my experiences, my memories from the forest, the sea, the mountains, the animals, the studies, the artistic work.. from books, to pieces of rock, shells, antlers, bones, postcards, recordings, drawings pictures and my private journals, telling stories and feelings.. one life, many lives, everything part of me. Looking at these boxes made me feel sad, because part of this life doesn’t exist anymore and because it’s closed in boxes.. I’d like to make all public, I’d like it to be an enjoiment for someone, a teaching for someone else, but most of all I’d like to have my whole collection always available and living.

Then I realised that my life is actually in me. I am what I am. All those things are just things, and what I am is the results of those experiences, which shaped my mind, my body, and my soul. I exist even without my boxes! (but I will never be able to get rid of them!)

Lakini, nilipokuwa Tanzania, nilijifunza kitu kikubwa: Mtu sio mtu bila watu.
However, in Tanzania I learnt a very important statement from the Ubuntu philosophy:



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