Reading back my posts on this blog I realised how much my mind changed since my arrival in Tanzania up to the departure.

Though very hard, the last month was really good, I felt very happy!! and I think it was because I shifted from the feeling of working in a place, to the feeling of living in a place, where I met a lot of wonderful people.

People and being able to talk with them was in the end the access key to the new life. The nice thing of working in a camp is the fact that you can meet different “passengers” of the world. To work in a camp whose aim is to spread knowledge and practice on sustainability, starting from equality of rights to environment protection, has the added value of put you in contact with special passegers.

Behind these smiles there are many stories, and I will tell some of them, pole pole.

During the first weeks I was at the camp there was a group of teachers trained for teaching English in primary schools. Among them a Math teacher, the youngest of the group, a bit disappointed of having to teach English. After 5 months he came again at the camp. We spoke in Swahili, and he told me he was very happy I was then able to talk with him. He said “d’you remember?, we tought you the first words:  meza, table, taa, light, paka, cat or border, kikombe, cup. I was happy too.


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