Being unemployed has the advantage that you can use your TIME as you like. This is already a big matter, how in our society TIME is shaped by several factors and it’s scheduled in a way that most people end up missing being outside during daily hours. Since school time, our life is within limits, in time and space.

But outside there is life, and life goes on. The mountains are there, the water, the trees, the animals..while we can only see 4 walls around while at our woking place..the slow life is going on out there.

Some people still leave in such conditions which allow them to be part of this life, to regulate on sun, to feel the rain or the wind. I’m thinking about my Maasai friends, while I’m here in town they are still there under milions of  stars, in their muddy hut, in the sound of silence..

But I’m also thinking about those people leaving up there on the mountains. When you are up there human life at the bottom seems so small, unmeaningful..there is so much instead to enjoy at the top, much more. I was outdoor yesterday and I met a couple managing and leaving in a mountain hut, hosting trekkers, enjoying simple life, open and friendly with someone they just met twice, like me.. they choose a different life as I did many years ago, and then I lost and struggled to get again..

I think it’s something I cannot give up with, I cannot compromize or postpone in my life. I think it’s time to take my TIME and my SPACE.


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