PEOPLE.. watoto

Watoto, watoto!! everybody going to Africa is fond of kids! first because they are so many and having time to spend after you, that you can’t help falling in love with them. you cannot avoid their smiles, their shyness, their curiosity.When I was in the schools to take measures watoto, I quickly learnt how to introuduce my self and ask for someone else name “ninaitwa Claudia, ninatoka Italia. jina lako nani?”…. isheshhs.. “jina lako nani?? sauti!”  ..Israel Gabrieli..after understanding that names where either in English or from Bible, it became easier to guess.. It was interesting to see to what extent they were used to see in adult people the authority, a rough authority, and were not expecting any kindness.

Once a very young child came into the room where I was with my colleagues and the teachers. I was taking pictures of them, and the kid was so cute that I took some picture of him as well. He stared at me and then he couldn’t refrain from starting to cry very loud and desperate.

I was the only mzungu, maybe the first white woman he had ever seen from close.


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