if the aardvark was aardwolf..

Just reading a Pullitzer price book written in 1997 by a scientist, deemed by someone a masterpiece for better understanding why we European are here, living a virtual life, while our siblings are “still” living as our ancestors along the Omo river… Someone else criticised it.
I find it interesting, maybe it would close the mouth to those just saying “they will never make it”, “300 years of European colonies were not enough to change them”…(why should they change??)
but …

the author describes at one point the aardvark, a hyena-like animal…
how could the author mistake the aardvark with the aardwolf?? and how can it be that I noticed it after 15 years?? ok, i’m a zoologist..but the author is a scientist and I’m sure many scientist did read the book. Actually many noticed many other errors..
I’m wondering what would had happend to the natural hystory and human evolution if at a certain point the vark

was a wolf ..


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