Travelling across Austria..

If I can use the world travel only for trips across the border or excluding parents’ place, this was the first one after coming back from Tanzania. I left for Vien and Styria for 5 days. I think I was very lucky because in such a short time so many things happened and I had the chance to experience! (see photogallery)

So, from the “foldable bike flash mob” in front of Parliament to a protest at the Ministry for Education: incredibly very a few people attending at both, but journalists were present in the first case..

from alpine hiking to the typical, wonderful, styrian home-made (thanks to Franz) dinner!

from perfect efficiency to local blackout at Anna’s place..

from Prater’s to Viennale premiere with Klaus Maria Brandauer on the stage!

from sun to snow!

from neoclassic imperial art to Klimt, Schyle, and Hundertwasser!!

from secession to regeneration?


2 responses to “Travelling across Austria..

  • Anna

    We did our best for you…also the black-out of course was planned.
    And we kept the Seceession closed on Monday just for you, to push you to come again (and at that time, other fantastic special effects will be happening at my place!)

    ps. you perfectly described Wien: a mix of contraddictions. A BIO-country where is not easy for a vegetarian to fully enjoy the food…

  • mbwamwitu

    I don’t want to advertise your perfect organization too much, otherwise you will end up having guests every week end from now on !! 😉

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