You will meet a tall dark stranger..

Some weeks ago I was asked to define the “man of my dreams“.. Very difficult question for me, ’cause I’ve always followed the instinct in these kind of matters and if I think about the men I loved, very a few, they are very different one from each other.

Some days ago, I was listening to the radio, and the speaker talked about a man and… wow!! that was him, indeed! A transgressive man, who acts criminally against the society of welth and power, because it’s wrong and corrupted, actually it is the evil. He  uses the most technologically advanced and clever devises to carry on his projects, able to do everything and never caught, dark and sensual. Maybe a bit violent, but in the end not a killer, but a good person. Unfortunately he is already engaged in a never ending and monogamous love with his life and adventure partner Eva!!

And what about the other one I finally suggested as a possible reply to my friend’s question? He lives an adventurous life and he’s on the dark side of society (alreayd two common points with the previous); though much less determined and ideologist, and not always winning. A sailorman, therefore unreliable, for sure not monogamous, but having many different partners, though maybe really in love with just one woman, the only one able to talk to his heart, whom he’s maybe looking for in all the others…

And the other one? the one who was always fighting to be the best..Passionate, determined, winner, not belonging to everyone, apparently very selfish but in the end extremely generous with a lot of people. Elusive and unbeatable, he had many women, always very beautiful, but never really sharing his carisma..only the dark lady caught him.

Thinking about the men I loved, for real and those in my dreams, the thing I found out they all share is the light of passion in their eyes , the dreams in their mind, the surprise in their heart…

Well, probably most of the people would think I’m totally crazy and a feminine version of Peter pan.. but I think, instead, that I’m not alone..and not surprisingly I was born in Lucca, the city of Comics


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