UNP_forestThis trail was supposed to be very long and tough, 14km in 10h, so I take the big backpack with water, food, raincoat, camera and binocular.. when I saw the guide dressed as we were going to have a beer in a bar in Dar, I understood I mistook something. There was also a ranger with us, because in a certain part of the trail we could meet elephants and that could be dangerous.. the ranger was rushing for the first 2 hours, and then he was tired. And he proposed to take a rest exactly in the place were elephant could be! 😉 I suggested to move further on in order to avoid having to shot any elephant. Of course I was the only one with water and food so I was getting better the more I was using them and decreasing the weight on my shoulders. After 2km we entered the rain forest, and at 4 there are waterfalls, were normally people stop and then go back. We took a rest here. There was not much water for this time, but indeed a very nice spot.

Along the trail we spotted some times the endemic Iringa red colobus and the black and white colobus. They move very easily on tree, but because they are a little bit heavy they are not silent.And then syka monkeys and perhaps a mangabey.

Once we reached the top of the trail, 1000m above the starting point, we entered a wonderful rain forest. Cool, green, and diverse!Huge trees and dense canopy, many different species. It was not the best season for visiting, I can imagine how amazing it must be with rains and thousands of colourful batterflies. I would have liked to spend many hours there, and we could actually do so, but not having a precise idea of the trail, I didn’t know what was left.. but actually we finished the trail in 6h, so much before I was expecting. I proposed the guide to make another short trail in the afternoon, but after walking in the kali sun of the bottom plan, I realised that this was not feasible. Particularly for the guide who haven’t eaten yet. It was very hot, I went for a shower and a rest, and later for a beer at the nearby touristic lodge.

Then I went having dinner with F, C, their daughter E, and T. I actually ended up having dinner with them every night, and it was both interesting and nice!


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