Memories from the south..

Finally settled down in Arusha, I have the time to write a little bit more on my southward trip.


Going from Arusha to Morogoro took 9h of bus, in my case sitting next to a big lady who had just delivered a lovely small child..I arrived quite tired and the heat did not help. I took the first taxi bringing to a guest house managed by a Tanzanian-Greek-Italian woman. The place is standard for the location, though maybe a bit expensive. It was nice to talk with her and finally I was involved in a dinner with her friends where I had the chance to get the point of view of normal local people on what’s going on in Tanzania. As I mentioned the NGO, the couple of friends, a mzungo and a Tanzanian lady, started to shout out their prejudice about NGOs people and particularly Tanzanian ones. I think they thought I was the n-esim volunteer coming for aiding and justifying people.. The lady was particularly intensive in talking against NGO system and local people. I asked her what made her becoming different, and she replied the Education and the chance to stay with a mzungo, and she was saying the education is the most important thing and that people should stand up for their right instead of spending all the time doing nothing and waiting for aids. Well, I could agree on something, but I did not on her prejudice and the way she was not even listening to what I was saying about my experience at Mkuru. I thought she was not different, she had just had more opportunities, and she had just taken the ideas of someone around her, but she was not really critical, open-minded and out-looking. But I did not insist, also because we were in a very weird situation, with a child with them having just lost is father, and the GH lady having just had her nephew shooting himself with a gun.. Well, in the end it was interesting to have their point of view, and I understand that living for 6 months or for a whole life in a country make a big difference. Furthermore, Morogoro is a very totally different place from Arusha. In Arusha you see a big gap with “western” style, but also a lot of efforts to copy it even in a very luxury manner. In Arusha you are not really off Europe. Even being at Mkuru TC, is not really as living in Mkuru village, in the bomas.

In the south and rural Tanzania, it’s another story kabisa.


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