Mangabey .. in the mist

My second trip in the forest was for going to see a group of Mangabey. Sanje mangabey are very endangered monkeys living only in Udzungwa mountains. They are usually very shy, and difficult to see, but some park rangers habituated a group of them so that tourists would be able to see them from close. Having the same kind of experience with gorillas or chimps would cost 700$, the mangabeys did not cost anything more than the park fee!!

Though I don’t usually like this kind of “for tourists” experiences, I was glad to do that one. The animals are habituated, but it doesn’t mean they are like pets or you can be sure of they will do.

So it was actually a very surprising experience for me. First of all because before mangabeys, I met ants!! they were incredibly fast in climbing up my trousers and legs and started to bite me! It was a thrilling experience, and to get rid of them I had to take out all the cloths.

Afterwards, me and the rangers joined again the mangabey, finding them eating on some special fruits..after a while we realised that one of them was simply unable to go on grabbing the high branches were it was. So it just let itself go down the lower branches and then to the ground, completely gone..

it was actually drunk due to the alcohol contained in the fruits! Poor guy, but it was so funny!!Image


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