missed summer

It was when I was drinking a beer facing the ocean in the late evening, with the warm breeze continuously blowing, that I realised how much I was missing summer!!

last year I missed it both in Tanzania and in Italy, enjoying an average spring weather.. but also, I think summer at Lago Maggiore were not the same as in Toscana or in the south of Italy were I used to go as a child.. and summer in Arezzo area were not the same as when I was living in Lucca and I could often go to the seaside… that feeling of sitting on the warm sand at sunset, enjoying breeze, the lack of crowd and the presence of friends..

after the mountains I spent some days in Dar es salaam, to rest and do something on the web (uff!!), and unexpectedly I had very nice time and met very nice people.

I went for a daily trip tp Bondoyo, a small island off shore Dar, and looking back at the small bay created by the peninsula, and thinking about the description of Dar in the 1930 found on the LP, I understood that I was in a “once heaven” place.. the bays created by the peninsulas, the lagoon delimited by small island dominated by the tide, black herons, sacred ibis on the beach following the fishermen…….something is left, despite of the modern noisy caotic town, and I enjoyed it!!



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