Arusha times!

Coming back from Dar I decided to stay in Tanzania for longer, and I moved to a catholic hostel not far from OEA office, just in the parallel road. It’s incredible how much this little change affected my staying in town. I really liked my room near the balcony!


I had much more chances of speaking Kiswahili and of meeting other people, either wazungo travellers or Tanzanian church men. So in the end, the time I spent in Arusha working at the computer, was not wasted or boring but actually it changed my view-point on Arusha life..

First of all I met an interesting guy who has been working in Tanzania for 20 years, specially in the area of Lake Victoria, in the hospitals, but he is also a wildlife photographer, and he was setting up an exhibition at the Natural History Museum. I went to visit him while he was working hard there, and I found the museum totally changed and much more appealing than before thanks to his work. There were so many species in his collection, amazing!
The same day there was also a conference at Arusha Hotel by Elvis-Lelo, a Tanzanian guy who planned to cycle around the world from Chile to Kili! So far he had completed America, but then he decided to come back to recover a little bit and he’s planning to start again from Scandinavia heading south.. And this is for raising awareness about environment and funds for supporting 10 grants in wildlife conservation. I wish he could stop at Lago Maggiore if crossing Italy, because he is such open-minded that it would be good for everybody to hear from him.

Other interesting people I met at the hostel are a couple of Canadians, who saved money for years and are now on a world tour for 14 months, with their family!!! their project name is “outside of the box” .. which reminded me of something I planned some time ago..

To complete my living in Arusha, on a Sunday I joined a local group of hikers, for a walk at the foothills of M.Meru. Luckily it was windy, and the air was so clear that we could have an amazing view of the crater!! and it was again another chance to meet with new people..



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