Me, my backpack and my swahili….

After some days at Mkuru handing over my work to the new comers, enjoying early morning bird watching and night moon; after other days “working” in Arusha, for finding a new job…; I decided to leave for a new trip to the south, following some suggestions and contacts.

I really felt the need to leave back everything: computer, applications, emails, video meetings, and start traveling on an unknown, for me!, route, bringing with me a small backpack only, far from the efforts for transforming Africa in Europe……..

The dream of Africa as it used to be, as was described in the 20th century books, I am afraid is gone. That Africa doesn’t exist any longer beside National Parks or Game reserves, but still there is a chance for meeting different cultures and environments, for feeling far from globalization..


Here is a map of my tours, in green the first trip to Udzungwa mountains and in blue the second one up to Lake Nyasa. The red route is by plan, which I decided to use at the end of my second tour, because I was really short in time.. and also tired of buses. I don’t forget that I always had a second choice, while all my bus mates never have..

My second tour was really amazing, I met so many interesting people and I really enjoyed the tiring, dusty, ever ending trips on the bus. I was alone with my backpack, but never alone thanks to the bit of Kiswahili I had and people kindness!!  I crossed such different landscapes, from green rift valley area, to dry and full of boulders Dodoma region, to green again of the south mountains, to the gorgeous vegetation of Lake Nyasa and M. Livingstone…. (to be continued)..


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