Stella Rossa

Tstella_rossa (533x800)his post should be written in Italian, or perhaps in German or in any languages in the world. So I will use a mix of italenglish!

Sono stata a cercare lupi nella zona del Monte Sole, Prov. di Bologna. Voi direte? e dov’è? e ci sono lupi a Bologna? Ora, a parte il fatto che probabilmente molti non sanno come è fatta la prov. di Bologna, e dove si estende, e tantomeno quanti lupi ci sono in Italia e dove, in effetti il Monte Sole non lo conoscevo molto bene nemmeno io. Salvo per il fatto che alcuni fotografi avevano pubblicato foto incredibili dei lupi in quelle zone. Sapevo che è una zona di recente arrivo dei lupi..

I didn’t find the wolves I was looking for at Monte Sole. Maybe there were problems this year and they “disappeared”. Monte Sole is in a hilly area between Apennines mountains and the city of Bologna. A wonderful landscape at this time of the year, a mosaic of green fields, wood and bare rocks. Monte Sole is near Marzabotto. Ah! this name is not  unknown..

I didn’t find grey wolves, but I found the traces of different ones.

In 1944, in 15 days at the end of summer, more than 700 people were killed in this area.

Every house, every church, every river, every slope were systematically and scientifically checked, all the people were found and gathered and killed..

The wolves were not those who committed these terrible genocide. Wolves are not like that. Any of the most dangerous wild beast would be like that.

The wolves were those partisans who were fighting for freedom, belonging to the group named Stella Rossa, who died together with their folks…

The others, the killers, were just human beings at the worst of their skills..



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