East record!!


I am in Kars, north-eastern Turkey, the most eastern place I have been in my life… well, it’s a record for me.

I was curious about this region, extended to Caucasus, since many years ago, and it would have been an alternative plan to East Africa. Again I’m near a mythical place, again I will wake up at 5 for the prey..

Now I am here, and I’m going to be involved in a very exciting project, though I don’t wanna have too great expectations…I will see. On adventure again… this time I feel different. It won’t be very long, and I’m just a helper.. or maybe better to say “intruder”

Yesterday I left Malpensa after a thunderstorm and it was nice to land in a warm Istanbul! today I flew to Kars, a small town in the large green highlands, white mountains on the horizon (also the Ararat??), perhaps very few people compared to livestock… and also wolves, bears and lynxes!

More than a dream come true, this is more like doing for real something before it becomes only a dream…


2 responses to “East record!!

  • carlita

    bello lupa!
    spero che tutti o quasi tutti i tuoi sogni se tornino realtà 🙂
    se tu vuoi le cose, tu ce la fai!
    brava, seguo le tu avventure sempre. curati. baci, carla

  • adamsieva

    Good luck there! Enjoy the region and the people around! We wait for the news. Ciao!

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