Who makes history?

This is the question Oriana Fallaci, an Italian journalist and book writer, asked to herself and her readers in 1977, in her book (“Intervista con la storia” – Interview to History) including interviews to very popular and influencial political leaders of the world.

Is history made by everybody or just by a few powerful people? does it depends on global law or on individual behaviors?

She said she couldn’t exclude that only a few people, through ideas, discoveries, revolutions, wars, or actions, have actually shaped history and changed the fate of humanity.

This is both terrible and difficult to accept.

But my question is.. WHO MAKES OUR LIFE HISTORY?

It depends on our conditions at birth, on the people we meet all over our life, on education, on experiences, and also on genetics. But I can’t help thinking our own history is in our own hands.

We are the WHO deciding which life is gonna be there for us, who we are and who we will never be.


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