The Quality of Life


During the past week I was in Locarno at the Film Festival for some days, and I really enjoyed the movies I watched, which inspired me a lot of thinking..
the Festival opened with the movie Indebito (undue debt) by Andrea Segre, starring Vinicio Capossela and other Rebetiko musicians. It was about economic crisis, rebellion, music played in the narrow streets, music as rebellion to crisis, and it was also a lot just about Rebetiko and Vinicio Capossela, which many people didn’t like. Very little it actually showed the issue of the huge value of what we inherited by Greek culture, which overcome any current debt, and therefore should make EU thinking that maybe we are now au pair. The movie stimulated a discussion with my friends and I ended up saying that in Europe arts and culture are not given too much value because the European mentality is dominated by countries where there is no quality of life, no quality food, no quality landscape, no quality art, or weather, therefore they don’t give a shit to Mediterranean values…
I had too many drinks at the opening apero, and so I think.. I didn’t think .. it’s not about food, it’s not about countries, it’s about people and individual mentality mirrored in a dominant society (someone will think I’m still drunk, but I’m not!)..

Quality of life is not about who makes the tastiest bread or the best wine.. it’s not even only having a combination of extraordinary good food with good weather with wonderful landscape (as we have in Italy and in a few other countries in EU).. this is more valuable on Facebook…

but what is then, is it all about GDP and development? roads, railways, internet?

A friend who lives not far from Locarno, and hosted us for two nights, said something really important about this. He is blind, and he leaves in a 50 people village on the mountains, from where he commutes by bus and trains towards places where he can ski or swim, which requires long time. He said he had lived in many towns or big cities before moving there, because he had thought that could be the best option.. But then he realised that he preferred proximity to nature, safety (in the small village he can move easily, there are no cars), and people who cared more about him and more ready to help him.
It seems Italy doesn’t provide a great quality of life, if, besides good food and weather, cannot provide equal services for everybody. Our cities are impossible obstacles for people with handicaps and are impossible awful smog traps for everybody…cars are everywhere, parked and packed.. the natural environment was destroyed unless preserved by remoteness or historical ownership (aristocratical or religious)…
However, our friend had lived even abroad.. and this led me thinking that it’s not about nationality, or traditional culture, but more about values.
Solidarity, creativity, joy, compassion, hospitality..awareness, virtue, ethics… None of this values is included in the Quality of Life index designed by the Economist Intelligence Units.

what’s the value of walking in the streets and not being afraid to talk to people, and being answered if you greet them (something that many times doesn’t happen if they don’t know you!!!)? what’s the value of gathering with other people just bringing your chair in the main square and share games or music or food..?


3 responses to “The Quality of Life

  • carlita

    loved it ๐Ÿ™‚
    i agree with you. our lives, pushed by work, ultimately by money (to live waht we think is a good life), can kill us if we don’t look at its quality – the real quality…
    i live in a big city now, my bike was stolen yesterday, i thought “yeah that’s normal” but it isn’t and try to live in thsi big city as if i were in the countryside. I say hello to people, i try to help erderly ones, i want my son to always be nice to everybody..
    but mis of all, what you need to be happy and have a great quality of life is to have your friends beside you ๐Ÿ™‚
    (and that I really miss)

  • mbwamwitu

    … of course friendship is a value too!! why don’t you move to a small village along the cost? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yle

    Nice post and something about which I think very very often….quality of life….for me quality of life is having the luxury to just go walk two steps and be able to buy a very good bread if I want to, made just with a couple of ingredients….it is going to the farmers market to buy tomatoes and cucumbers that taste of something and not having to pay a fortune for it….it is having the people important in my life near me….it is to feel the sense of community where everyone acts in the interests of the community….it is to be able to walk around without being scared than someone is going to attack me or shot at me….it is to be looked at and appreciated for the person I am not for what is my job, social status or condition…..
    Nice post, nice thoughts!

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