All I want

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I’m sitting in the kitchen at my place, in this rainy Sunday on Lake Maggiore, the place where I live. I have time to write a new post! And time for memories..

Only yesterday it was sunny though, and I could enjoy a nice walk in Val Divedro, near Simplon Pass. Me and my friends walked up to a shelter managed by a couple who decided to change their life and come and live in this place at 1750m asl, with a wonderful view on the mountains, surrounded by a spectacular forest, colourful at this time of the year.. I felt very good when I saw their smiles, and while they were telling me how they can make a full and happy living there.

This reminded me of the feeling I had in Roshka (Khevsureti, Caucasus, Georgia).

We reached  Roshka after a long walking day, from one empty valley to another across a solitary pass…

Chauki_valley2 (800x282)

 wonderful landscapes, peace and silence, clear water streams, semi-natural meadows, the never-ending trail… 

IMG_1320 (2) (800x450)

and finally we reached the house of Shota, in the 9 families village, who hosted us for the night. We had dinner next the wood stove, eating home-made everything, bread, cheese, vegetables, potatoes and meat, and then we had a long talk with Shota’s daughter who can speak English…

IMG_1365 (2) (800x450)

That warmth, and the warmth of the sun in front of the house the next morning, made me just thinking of how good that life is.. despite the lack of technology there, the lack of services, I looked at the clear streams, the green meadows and the white peaks and the blue sky with birds and stars, and the forest with (supposed to be!!) wild animals, and I just felt fully happy and I understood that whatever I could desire was actually right there, no need for more….


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