let ourself keep on being surprised!!

IMG_20131130_125846Some weeks ago I was on an airplane taking off from Bergamo directed to UK. There was a group of young students, perhaps around 10-12 years old, on board. Before taking off they couln’t help talking aloud about their emotions, excitment and scare, for their first flight. It was a wonderful sunny day after a week of snowfall. Bergamo, beautiful old city, on top of the hill contrasted against a clear bue sky and the white mountains covered with snow. As soon as we took off the students started to scream “wow!!”.. “how beautiful!!”.. “look at that!!!”.. while the rest of the passenger went on staring at the back of the seat in front of them.


when do we stop getting surprised about the beauty of nature and life?

when do we start refraining ourself from outcoming our feelings??

Let us feel like children every day (at least once per day :))!!


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