pet the wildlife

Just before leaving Italy I was reading a book written by an English-Swiss girl who traveled in Kenya in 1928. This was her second trip in East Africa, the first one having been with her father who was killed by a lion, four years earlier. Her father grew her as a boy, at that time, and made her spent wonderful times living, hunting and fishing into the wild. While preparing her second trip to Africa she was telling people she wanted to go there to touch the back of lions and zebras..of course everybody was thinking she was silly or mad, and that wildlife was not like pet, was not friendly. She knew that, but she couldn’t say the truth. She couldn’t explain what she meant, her wish to reconnect with Nature, to feel deeply in contact with animals and plants.. this is something very difficult to experience and  to explain.. I think I can understand though.. because many times I found it difficult to explain my story with wolves.. what kind of emotions it raises.. howling to them in the deep of the forest, in the dark of the night and loneliness.. I have never thought I could touch them or that this was what I wanted.. when it finally happened I could pamper one of them, just for a moment I thought that it could be possible be close and understand each other, but then when it recovered from narcotic and fled away I realized that it couldn’t feel what I felt, that it couldn’t think that I was a friend, that I would love it.. it was just terribly scared and … WILD.. something I am not..

but after a while I also realized that actually a wolf could become a friend, it is one of the few animals or maybe t

he only one (cats are not really friends, come on..) which indeed did become human’s mate, and now is a dog.


so, after reading the adventure of this Miss getting closer and closer to elephants in the savanna near Longido and Namanga (not far from Mkuru), though never really touching them… I thought about those first humans, who were already more than evoluted primates, and could create tools and art, after having listen to the wolf howls for many times, while looking up  at the infinite stars in the skies, in their settlements in small open areas at the forest edges, nearby a river, those men (or women?) who for the first time could get close to one of them, and they looked into each other eyes, eventually recognizing and understanding each other, and they could touch and be together instead of against… . I wonder how they felt … this must have been incredible!!


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