I feel good!!

It took me a while to feel at ease in my new life.

It always happens with changes, and I guess it becomes worse as long as you “grow up”,  but this time I found it harder to jump into the blue. maybe because I lost important parts of my life, and maybe because after a year of different experiences I did not really know what I wanted in my life, besides love and freedom 🙂

And I did not expect to go back working in a research institution, so at first I felt inadequate (as usual..)

While I was coughing in cold York, I asked to myself: what am I doing here?? wouldn’t be better go back hiking up the mountains and eating kachapuri?

But after 10 days in Tanzania, maybe is the sun, the ocean breeze, the nice people, the sense of freedom which I feel for being responsible of a challenging task, more than the fear, I feel good!!!! I am doing exactly what I wanted to do!!!!  well, one of the many things I wished I could do..


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