Women in resistence


Yesterday I went to the opening of a photo exhibition on Women in resistance, in Dar. It was very impressive. There was first an introduction, and while I was listening to a Tanzanian woman journalist talking- about how she was working for BBC in UK and she came back to her country to investigate the witch craft and body part traffic, something she couldn’t even believe it was existing, and how her denounce finally put her life in danger, though she didn’t give up- and while I was looking at those big portrait of women who significantly changed the life of other people,.. I thought. Yes, here we are. My friend Emma whom I have just met up in Tanzania, my friends and my sister and my mother in Italy. Here we are, women in resistance. I don’t think all women are so, but many of them yes. I think they choose to be so, and life follows accordingly… Ngumu sana. But even full of satisfaction!!

I very much liked the photos, they are incredibly communicative and the result of a work which the author completed during many years, as he said he is an old fashion photojournalist who likes spending time on his reportage.

Sounds strange getting for the first time near downtown in this context. I haven’t dare yet to go deeper in the mess, where being pick-pocketed is more frequent then the breeze I can feel from my special position on a side..

For the moment I enjoy the breeze, i don’t resist to it!


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