life at CEFA

For my first weeks in Dar I lived at CEFA guesthouse, an Italian NGO managing different projects. I like it , I was there even last year and this time after few days I felt like at home. I met so many interesting people, coming and leaving, and somebody even staying for  longer time, so that we got acquainted, and we went together to Mbudya, one of the offshore island. I was observing this variety of people and I got to know a little bit theirs stories, sharing a chat at breakfast time, or a dinner by the beach, or a chat on the terrace roof, or an improvised concert. The old German lady traveling alone, the Botswana man with his nervous daughter trying to create a community based tourism project in Saadani, the Indian/American girl working for an organization dealing with women and environment and gender empowerment, the guy from Singapore who spent months in Zimbawe playing traditional music, the american who didn’t go back to US for 6 years, the irish girl who worked for saving money and coming as a volunteer for assisting refugee reintegration, the Danish girls doing their master project on green infrastructures….  How many stories, how many lives! 

Views from the roof




Yoga exercise!!







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