Back in Dar

I finally had a very social weekend in the peninsula. I avoided so far doing this kind of things but actually I needed to! sounds strange, everything is strange, but the music was very good, and danced a lot, and I didn’t care what was going on around me .. this was on Friday, and I was back at! long time I didn’t do that. Then Saturday morning I had a meeting (!!) and then farmer market, and then Ethiopian dinner, and on Sunday snorkeling in Mbudya again.. So, it’s enough of expat life for the next month. I’m here for more than 4 weeks now, well not all the time in Dar luckily. But when i sit on the roof terrace, watching the stars and the giant bats flying, and enjoying the breeze, I like this place. Today I stopped by a man selling coconuts juice.. fresh, directly form the coconut.. I didn’t know how soft the pulp is when it’s still full of its liquid!! I’m in the tropics, after all, I should enjoy coconuts, pineapples, mangoes and so on!! Sometimes I forget where I am if I spend the all day working at the desk. Coconuts and snorkeling are good reminders!!


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