Dar ndoto

Since the first time I was in Dar I tried to imagine how this place could look like 50 years ago.. the lagoon, the forest on the white beaches, the gem islands just in front and the peninsulas, fishes to fish and eat, birds… it must have been heaven on earth. this morning I went running on the beach (crazy!!  it was too hot!!) and I had a glimpse of that past. The sea was far, because of the tide the shore was exposed and crabs were running everywhere. In the shining light of the sun reflecting on the film of water over the sand or on the shallow water, I could see the dark shapes of people and some boats, someone fishing and others collecting sea weeds.. I couldn’t hear any noise from the already jammed road not far.. everything was kind of still.. Where there aren’t any new constructions, trees are still there growing up from the sand, and some small huts were hidden underneath.. After some minutes running I was feeling exhausted .. sun hits hard. but then in the shade of the trees I could relief. I wish I could climb up a palm tree, grab a nut and drink its milk.. and then have a samaki mbichi (fresh fish) roasted and eat it sitting under the trees..and then, I wish I could walk in the shallow water up to a place for swimming, without worrying about what the hell those small stinking rivers are bringing down to the sea. it must have been tough and basic, but heaven on earth.. and actually  far from the main cities, the coast side must still be kind of the same..


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