Moon mood

In the last 10 days I traveled from Dar to Mwanza to Nairobi to Arusha to Dar again. It was nice on one hand, seeing the Victoria lake, eating Tilapias, leading the workshop, going to a new project meeting in Nairobi, meeting new people and rejoin with my colleagues from York, going to Arusha, having dinner with old friends and then being back “home”. Very exciting and interesting, but so tiring!!

I took the bus from Nairobi to Arusha, 6 hours.. At Namanga custom point, I looked around and there’s a wonderful mountain there!! I wished I could stop. Then we continued on our way, crossing green savanna and Acacia woodland, and I started to spot outsanding Mt. Meru.. I’ve never seen it from that side.. And then on the left there was Kilimanjaro, the top covered with snow.



The air was clear after rain, and it was very well visible though I was far.

I was approaching the turn to go to Mkuru, and I wished I could be there that night.. It would have been wonderful, with that view. But I spent the night in town, instead, at least meeting with friends.

The morning after I found out I lost my kindle.. Then I took my luggage, the bag full of material from the workshop, the heavy and bulky laptop bag, and my small sac with camera and hard drive in..and I left the hotel to the bus stop for reaching Arusha Airport .. (It’s not that I wanted to go back from Nairobi with just one day stop in Arusha, I would have preferred either to stop longer or to go directly back to Dar, but plans here are hard to be made, and when done they are usually wrong therefore my life got more complicated..). I had 2 hrs waiting for the shuttle.. and my laptop battery almost empty (cut of power in the hotel), no e-book but a lot of stuff to take care of and be worried about… so I ended up in the fancy Africa cafe’, which I hate for the simple fact that they sell brownies and cheese cakes while outside it’s 25 degrees and markets are full of wonderful fruits.. and it’s very expensive and of course full of wazungu, but not only.

I started to be extremely upset, hate hate hate spending so long time just sitting on a chair (either at the airport or on the bus), having to rush and wasting the chances to visit lake zone for longer, or going to Kilimanjaro foothills with my colleagues, or going to visit my friends at Mkuru. Hate, hate hate the bulky laptop so heavy…Hate that fancy place, that fake life pretending we are in a modern country, when 70% of people do not even have access to clean water nor electricity!!!! Hate.. having to rushh at the 4 corners of this country in the next month!!!


then I went to the shuttle place and I was writing an email on my smart phone (I HATE THIS!), and someone called “Hello”, which is the usual beginning of hassling, but I lifted up my eyes and .. I saw a friend from Mkuru looking at me.. Are you there? yes I am, I am back, for short time.. good to see you again, how is life…let’s go for a beer next time in Arusha.

NICE! I stopped hating, good to see friends..





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