Back at Mkuru

Easter break was coming right after our workshop in Arusha, and so it was relatively  easy to decide that this time I would stop in Mkuru.. which made simpler to renew my permit at the border of Namanga. I had wonderful time there, though very short, and I was very happy to be back at “my camp”.


Arusha was rainy, but Mkuru is right on the other side of Mt Meru, and as usual it was drier. There was nobody else at the camp than me and a friend of mine, and we enjoyed a lot. We went to the Arusha National Park, which has a wonderful forest and very nice open areas around the lake, and we could spot wildlife, including the blue monkey which I haven’t seen before.







Then we visited  Tomas’ boma, where there was a party because his son built a new brick-house, and we enjoyed a lot buying jewelry from the mamas! and I was transformed in a Maasai!!

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Since I was back in Arusha I heard that the camp went well last year thanks to the work I did there. I hope is true, and I’m very happy for that. Back there I started to think again at my projects, and what could be done there..and my friend was caught by that feeling as well… maybe not there, maybe in another place, my own place, I will create my “sustainability experiential program”.

Never give up on my dreams.





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