Summer time..

in York these are maybe the warmest days of the year. Plenty of tourists are around, and downtown is full of life, music, food, markets!!

IMG_20140709_104937 IMG_20140711_194008 IMG_20140712_122222 IMG_20140712_122229 IMG_20140712_122418 IMG_20140712_130928 IMG_20140712_131618 IMG_20140712_131908 IMG_20140712_133817 IMG_20140712_133935

It makes me feeling better about my choice, though I still have to understand, and try, whether I like to live in UK.

It’s pretty hard to leap from one life to another, and leave people I love and care about, with the hope of meeting them again who know when.. Maybe this is gonna be the time I really understand what I want, and I’ll take it..



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