Reality and memories

Yesterday I wrote to a friend of mine about may last African experience, and then thought about the bit of life I had in Africa: in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Libya.

I look at the reality of what’s going on there now, and also what I am living now….. Africa seems so far

For long time I thought about making an exhibition “Toka Tanzania mpaka Italia”, maybe I’ll do it one day..but I wish to share some of my memories and the thread that in my mind links everything up..

Here is a video I made after my trip in Libyan desert, with Tuareg..

“L’Africa è un mito sfatato.. però ci sono ancora delle belle dimensioni, ma si fa fatica a scoprirle..tutto è ricoperto di occidente, svilppo e consumismo sfrenato (relativo alla condizione locale). almeno per quello che ho vissuto io questa volta. Ma so che c’è altro. E non mi riferisco ai leoni prigionieri del mercato turistico. c’è ancora, forse per poco, quella possibilità di spaziare, con il corpo e con la mente, che ci affascina così tanto ….”

“Africa is a lost myth..but there’s still beautiful sides, though it’s hard to uncover them..everything is cover with “western” style, development and extreme consumerism (relative to the local condition). at least this is what I experienced this time. I know there’s more than this. And I’m not talking about lions kidnapped in the golden cage of tourism market. There still is, maybe for short time, that chance of stretching your mind and your body which is so appealing on us..”



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